Is Ludhiana really a Smart city?

Smart City Ludhiana

Known as the Manchester of India, the city Ludhiana is famous for many things be it hosiery products or others. From the spare parts of aeroplanes or tyres of branded luxurious cars there is huge manufacturing in the city. Ludhiana is even the biggest industrial area of Punjab.

But, Is Ludhiana really a smart city?

With increasing number of businesses or start-ups there is rise in problems in the city as well.

To the fact,

The traffic situations in Ludhiana are so getting worse that nearly 10 persons die every day on Punjab roads. The city not only has the highest road kills but National Crime Records Bureau [NCRB] says Ludhiana is on number 3rd in percentage rise in road accidents.

Not only this, even there is increased pollution in the city.

Moreover, there are many issues to be tackled – The issues that lead to life-harming situations.

For instance, the open electric wires on roads those are not only dangerous to human beings life but are also dangerous for animals and birds. No appropriate control on traffic signals that let youth over speed and to that no maintenance or procurement of roads.

So, Is Ludhiana really a smart city?

Is developing on business notes means being smart?