Ludhiana’s air quality – Current condition, reasons and remedies


Ludhiana’s air poor quality has been a major cause of concern for several years. With people breathing in polluted air on a daily basis and harmful emissions being released in the atmosphere- the city remains one of the highly polluted areas of the country. The poor air quality index has been a contributing factor to global warming which is a worldwide concern along with air pollution itself.

In Ludhiana, the smoke produced due to the burning of subtle by farmers, harmful gases released by numerous industries, emissions by automobiles, dust from the constructions of flyovers- all adds to the misery of the common man. These activities lead to gaseous pollutants like sulphur dioxide, ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons polluting the air. As a result of depleted air quality, people continue to be affected by respiratory diseases and heart diseases.

While laws are made, these are seldom implemented which strictness. Nonetheless, some changes on government and common man’s level can be aforestation, strict pollution check of automobiles, carpooling, use of CNG or electric vehicles, use of solar and wind energy, installing air purifiers. Apart from this, an effective public transport system which will help in reducing pollution by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. Factories should follow the rules of Factories Act 1948 related to the disposal of hazardous gas, dust and fumes.

With cities like Delhi trying out Odd-Even schemes to handle their excessive pollution problem, when is Ludhiana going to wake up? Are industrialisation and the profit-driven businesses worth the efforts if the citizens are deprived of something as basic as good quality air?