Make your houses ”homes” for your parents

The birth of old age homes in the culture of Indian society which traces the traditional system of joint or extended family just a few decades back really makes everyone raise their eyebrows.

Though old age homes are not the outcome of any demand rather the compromise of changing pattern of modern lifestyle.

These homes were born mainly to take care of those aged parents whose sons have migrated to the other parts of the world in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, it became a boon for those for whom their old parents are nothing more than a burden. Normally, the grim living conditions of elderly in these accommodations really put you in to tears. Our elderly people do find shelter and food to survive but they lose the meaning of their life. The awaiting eyes, the heart longing for someone who could accompany them and share their grief even for a while. The inhuman treatment of life compelled them to live in such destitute. That makes every onlooker feel that aging is such a curse ! Such unhappy retirement they had never wished for !

How could we forget the boundless affection with which our parents have nourished us ? How did we use to go to them with subconscious affirmation that they would provide us, whatever and whenever we needed something. How wonderful life we had with them ? In the course of lifelong giving, how they sacrificed themselves with nothing in return. Nothing is as precious and kind as parental love in the world. They teach us about selfless love. We relied on them for everything in our tender hood. They just wish to rely on us for little love and care in their frailing age.

Old age is that fruit of the tree of life which is ripened with the juice of wisdom and experience. The presence of elderly at home is equal to have roof over head. They are the treasure that needs to be preserved, not only for our life but also for our society.

“Our parents showed us the world, in return we show them the old age homes.”

We took their kindness for granted. We all need them, not in old age homes but in our family homes.