Modern India: Where Wife Cheats, Husband Grieves

Where Wife Cheats Husband

Divorce cases in India are becoming common; at least one couple in a family falls prey to separation and then split-up. In a survey conducted by Gleeden dating site, it was found that more than 7 out of 10 women cheat their husbands in India. Reports were given by news agency IANSS, Gleedenhas more than 5 lakh users from India especially from metropolitan cities including Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. The dating website owners conducted a survey where it was found 20% men and 13% women cheat on the website showing them as single.

In another survey, it was found that women cheat in their marriage just to keep the spice high in life and to have some fun aside. When asked if they have been cheating or every cheated, 77% of women confessed about cheating their husbands so as to keep their lives full of excitement and pleasure.