Modi’s 15 Lakh or Rahul’s 72K: Which is a better option for India?

Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

“1, 2, 3…….. Dekhte Hi dekhte 2019 aa gya hai aur 5 saal nikal gaye. Kya Modi Ji apne vaadein pure kar paaye?” A question every citizen of India is searching an answer for! With the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, the political parties are once again making promises and offers to the public with full conviction. Whether BJP or Congress or AAP, every party leader is promising a comfortable lifestyle to every citizen of the country but is there any party who is going to fulfill any promise?

In 2014, Narendra Modi promised Rs 15 Lakh in every person’s bank account after repatriating the black money from abroad. In his manifesto, he also promised permanent jobs, women safety programs, development schemes, price stabilization funds and 50 other promises. Without a doubt, Modi Government has made some serious deals and acts to streamline the system for the future, but, what about the present situation of the country? Are people of the country leading a comfortable and prosperous life? Promising Rs 15 Lakh in every account by the end of 100 days was indeed an unrealistic and unplanned scheme just to attract the attention of the public. However, the only question is: Did Narendra Modi deposit half of the amount to every citizen’s account as he promised?

Talking about the opponents- Indian National Congress who recently released their manifesto for 2019 elections under the name “Congress will deliver”. In his manifesto, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi promised to eradicate poverty by giving Rs 72000 to 20% of the poorest families in India. Well, that is a commendable move by the party considering the financial condition of the country. In his speech, Rahul revealed that he revealed that he analyzed the past and present conditions, calculated the expenses and then he set a cost for every family so as to provide them with a good lifestyle. Every year, government collects tax from the citizens on goods and services, properties, salaries and what not which is a clear indication that financial condition of the country is quite sound says the congress leader.

“We are for people, we live for people and we work for the welfare of people” says every political leader but who will prove it right this year? Let’s find out on 23rd May 2019.