Movies you shouldn’t miss this weekend!


With elections over, its time to relax and chill this weekend. Check out the top picks which should be on you watch-list :

Punjabi Movie Muklawa


Muklawa takes us back to the times when it was a common tradition for the girl to stay back at her parents’ house from a few months to up to a year after her wedding. Muklawa is a post marriage romance starring Ammy Virk who is curious to see his wife Sonam Bajwa’s face. He challenges the societal norms and traditions of the time, when it was forbidden for the groom to even enter the bride’s village, let alone any scope of seeing her face at all. He embarks on a journey to discover love with his own wedded wife, which brings out a beautiful nostalgic romantic love story with right elements of comedy and family drama. Muklawa represents an era where life was simple but love was difficult whereas tradition and culture were above all.

Movie PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi

The film showcases Modi’s remarkable courage, wisdom, patience, dedication to his people, his acumen as a political strategist, his leadership that inspired a thousand social changes in Gujarat and later India. It traces his childhood in the 1950s to his meteoric rise in the corridors of politics, as a four-time serving Chief Minister. The film culminates in Modi’s overcoming all the obstacles to create and lead one of the most fascinating and successful election campaigns in world politics in 2013-14.

Punjabi Movie Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh

Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh

A Girl from Chandigarh comes to Amritsar with the intention of rejecting a prospective groom and ends up spending the day with a Boy from Amritsar. His constant chatter exasperates her, but they share a curious chemistry nevertheless. Between bouts of incessant culture bashing and despite many scenarios where both could have gone their separate ways, they end-up spending the day together. She finally decides to return without meeting the prospective groom and leaves a note for him with the Boy.