New Lok Sabha will have highest percent of women MPs; But is 14.6% a substantial percent?


Lok Sabha of India

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections were favourable for the women candidates with women winning 78 seats. They will now be making 14.6% of the total members of the new Lok Sabha. This is the highest number ever attained by women in Lok Sabha.

The BJP gave 56 tickets to women candidates, out of which 41 won seats in the elections. The unity and strength shown by the BJP has been a contributing factor for getting its women candidates elected.

In addition to this, regional parties like TMC and BJD distributed one third of their tickets to women candidates. This also was a contributing factor.

However, there seems to be selection biases when it comes to giving women party tickets. Political parties often set higher qualification bar for women as compared to men. Furthermore, women MPs are less likely to be given a chance to re-run in the elections as compared to men.

On one hand, equality of women and their rights have become a topic of discussion in the entire nation, whether political parties treat both men and women candidates equally is still doubtful.