No Government Control on increasing use of pesticides, Yet you eat inorganic food!!


Delicious food, creamy choices, adding compliments like sausages, mayonnaise, starch, or purpose flour make the food lip-smacking, isn’t it?

Whether home-made or ordered outdoors, Do you think, we are eating organic food?

Deep down everyone knows the answer to the question is a big ‘NO’ but we are not staying true to ourselves. In fact, we are giving more importance to these junk foods that are constantly harming our lives.

As the vegetables, fruits, or other food elements come with added pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers it make the food inorganic and delivering unseasonal food products make the issue more worse as not only these elements are dangerous to the environment but they are also hazardous to a person’s health.

Likewise it can be perfectly seen that how government is too taking no actions in the matter. If taken then where are the results?

However, they seek to develop it more and more.

Why there is no control on increasing use of pesticides?

And yet, to that, though we know all, Why aren’t we stopping ourselves from eating inorganic food.