No humanity left in the children of the land of Shravana

India, A land of cultures ethics and land of religions as we call it usually. A land which gave birth to sons like ‘Shravana’. How ironical it is to have the most number of old age homes on land and still call it a land of human values. Ludhiana live team went to Swami Vivekananda old age home and observed those almost lifeless and dull eyes which are still looking for their children. The lips which just recite the stories of pain and disappointment and the hearts which cry out loud while remembering the stories of what their children have done to them.

Swami Vivekananda ashram Model town extension Ludhiana serves over 50 senior citizens with love and affection and the ashram staff have been doing the services for years with unconditional support. But even all this love affection and services are not enough to bring satisfaction to these dull faces.

One of the old men at the old age home said that he has been celebrating all the festivals and special days with fellow senior citizens at the home but his children never bother to pay a visit and hence he has now stopped calling them his children and carries immense love for the staff members at the old age home who treat him like their father.

Another old lady said, “Various NGOs keep visiting to donate things to us but we do not want materialistic gifts rather people should come and spend time with us, listen to us and share the things going on out of their old age home.”

How unfortunate it is to say that this dark reality of our so-called land of values is crying out loud and no one is there to listen to these cries. We on the behalf of these parents of Ludhiana request the city to come and share the love and give them a morale boost.