No responsibility of life as two ambulances remain stuck in traffic for hours

While the government is busy glorifying its health policies and schemes, the dark reality of priorities shows us something else. Ambulances and first aid facilities lay the basic foundation of the health sector and that very foundation is being taken casually again.  recently an ambulance got stuck in a traffic jam and no one cared to give way. It is to be noted that one of those ambulances had a patient in it. Even police didn’t put effort to clear the way for the ambulance. The worst part is that the beacon of the ambulance was also not working. such as the value of life in our state.

This issue of ambulances being stuck in jams is not new to us. thousands have lost their lives till now. Every 5 years governments change and promises get bigger and weaker. no one cares to save humanity.

Ludhiana is heading towards MC elections next month and citizens of this smart city must ask a question to their leaders ahead of the elections that till when will we keep on losing lives because of these traffic jams and no way outs for a life-saving vehicle.