“Now I am not an Alcoholic” Bhagwant Mann flaunts the change

Bhagwant Mann

AAP Punjab Leader Bhagwant Mann is actively campaigning for the elections. Recently, he issued a letter to the public in which he is promising the public various facilities, employment and corruption-free country if he wins. Not only benefits and services, but Bhagwant Mann has also written about his capabilities and his nobility towards the citizens. Strangely, Mann is boasting about the change he brought in life in January 2019 by leaving alcohol forever.

In the letter he has mentioned “I was a famous artist, I used to take lakhs for every show but I have left everything for the welfare of my people. I was an alcoholic also but my mother advised me to leave alcohol as it is becoming a hindrance in serving my citizens of Punjab. Taking the advice of my mother I left alcohol and now my entire life is dedicated to the citizens of Punjab.”