Plantation Drive Organised by PURC Ludhiana

Ludhiana – Today a plantation drive named ‘Help Me Survive ‘ was organised in PURC Ludhiana in Association with ‘Ludhiana Cares Ladies Society ‘; The Yellow Brigade. This idea was initiated by Prof. Ravi Inder Singh , Director, PURC and was coordinated by faculty member Dr. Meera Nagpal (Assistant Professor) who was assisted by dedicated students volunteer committee which consisted of Simar Kukreja, Shubham Negi, Abhinash Pratap, Sarbjeet kaur, Aarushi, Arshnoor, Kashish, Riya, Baldeep and Anadi Kant. The event was begun by Dr. Meera Nagpal with a welcome address to the students in which she enlightened them about their crucial role in saving the environment.

It was followed by Dr. Rajnish Saryal’s (assistant prof) key note where he emphasised that current research is looking at various South Asian religious texts to find references for the ecological ethics that can work as motivation for planting trees. He cited examples from Matsya Puranam, VARAHA PURANA and VISHNU DHARMOTTARA to explain his point. The event witnessed guests like artist Gagan Behl, owner of a reputed music academy in town; Saima Saleema, a clinical psychologist; Artist Ayushi Gupta and Rupashi Wadhawan, who is known to introduce aqua yoga in the city.

Mrs. Kitty Bakshi, Harpreet Soin, Apinder Sodhi, Dr. Amrita Vig and Alcka Gupta from LCLS sensitized the students about the environmental concerns. About 45 trees of various species ( Neem, red Gulmohar, Harshingar, Amaltaas, kachnaar, sheesham, Lemon, Kaner, Pilkan, Guava) were planted within the campus .Believing to plant a new hope with a new tree all the students along with teaching and non teaching staff of PURC and members of extension library enthusiastically gathered in the garden of the department at around 8:30 a.m. All the jaunty participants wore yellow shirts and exhibited utter elation and ebullience. During the event all the students pledged not only to plant but also to nurture every single tree planted.