Punjabis in awe of Tollywood

These days, Punjabis have found a new fancy. Yes, we who love delicious food and everything beautiful are addicted to one thing and that thing is none other than Tollywood Movies. But, then you’ll think that we are not familiar with that language, then how can we understand, and my answer to your query would be “Dubbing”. With the help of voice over, Hindi speaking artists are the ones who help us in that. It has found a unique place in non- theatre-going audience also.  If you don’t believe, then please tune into any of your movie channels on Televisions.

They express the same emotions and present us with the same movie in Hindi. Some of the Best prime-time movies which air on our Television sets are:

Aparichit– You will fall in love with this movie, as soon as you will get to know about the main plot of the story. In the beginning, it looks like a normal movie but the suspense is walking side by side.  Sorry, I am also in love with this movie, so I cannot give you the spoilers. The next one is,

Baahubali – I don’t think that anyone could easily forget that situation when the question arose that “Why did Kattapa killed Baahubali”? Highest grosser of the year, when Bollywood business was shattering, broke earlier records with swag and, Prabhas a Tollywood Hero is giving cut-throat competition to Biggies of Bollywood. This is the far-reaching impact of the movie.

Arya: Ek Deewana – A movie which started with two orphans, completely changed with the entry of a girl, normal story, Right?  I would suggest you watch this movie with your family members, and just notice their reactions, while watching the movie. I bet you’ll not see that reaction again in Bollywood movies.

And last, but not the least is, “The Wink Girl”, Priya P. Varrier, who becomes an overnight sensation in the world of Social media. She is also an actress in Tollywood.