Rail traffic limping back to normal

A train runs on the track where Jhelum Express derailed at Phillaur, near Ludhiana on Wednesday.

Railway traffic on the Amritsar/Jammu Tawi-Ludhiana section was still feeling the pinch of a major disruption caused by the derailment of 10 coaches of 11078 Jammu Tawi-Pune Jhelum Express between the Phillaur and Ladhowal railway stations when movement of trains had come to a complete halt for nearly 18 hours. Citing operational reasons, the railway authorities had announced cancellation of one train for the day while more than half a dozen other trains were rescheduled from one hour to eight hours. At the same time, some other trains were running late due to the cascading effect of disruption caused on Tuesday.

According to Station Superintendent Ashok Salaria, the UP line (towards Amritsar/Jammu) was made operational at around 8.00 pm when the first train left Ludhiana for Phillaur for its onward journey. The down line, where derailment had taken place, however, took some more time for repairs and it was around 11 pm that 12318 Amritsar-Kolkata Akal Takht Express arrived here some 15 hours behind schedule.

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