Ravan-dehan to be ‘less painful’ this time

Dasehra committees to use less crackers inside effigies

This year Dasehra committees have decided to curtail the use of fire crackers to curb pollution. A File Photo

To prevent the rising level of pollution during Dasehra celebrations in the industrial hub of the state, several dasehra committees in the city have come up with a novel idea to lessen the use of fire crackers this time. They will use few crackers in effigies of demons this time to curb pollution.

Though discouraging the rising pollution level is one of the foremost causes behind this initiative, the escalating cost of fireworks and making effigies of demons, too, has forced them to take this step.

Ludhiana Tribune spoke to several dasehra committee presidents. They said their initiative, no doubt, would bring down the pollution levels to some extent, but if residents in the entire city resort to this practice on Diwali as well, pollution level could be reduced to a great extent.

Charanjit Singh Channi, president of Shri Dasehra Committee Upkar Nagar, said their committee had been celebrating dasehra for past 32 years and this time they have decided to limit the use of crackers, the cost of which has also escalated. “We will limit the use of crackers to be fitted inside the effigies of Ravana. Even fireworks display will be curtailed which will help us in curbing pollution,” he said.

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