The Real Meaning Of Valentine

We the people of Ludhiana have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with a lot of fervor since a couple of years now. Be it the ones who are single or the ones who are committed, everyone does plan something or the other for this special day. The singles somehow are in search of a partner and the committed ones are all in; trying to make their loved one happy. But not many really know the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day which marked it celebration 200 years back in the memory of Saint Valentine, has now come a long way. It’s not just a day anymore, but we people celebrate an entire week of love.

Though Valentine’s Day started in Rome, but this day of love has engulfed the entire nation. Since this day has been such a strong day, many guys and girls get into relationships and also many get married on this special day. Let us understand that love is not just confined to the person you are in a relationship with, but it’s for everyone who you really love. Since it’s the day to celebrate love, celebrate it with your mom, your dad also to show them that you really love them. They have done so much for us their entire life and with little effort we can give them immense happiness.

All we need to do is show them affection and give them a cozy hug , we just need to go to them and say that, ‘I love you Mom, I love you Dad.’ We just cannot imagine the happiness they will get. Let’s just get a rose for them on this Valentine’s Day and make them feel as special as we would want our date to feel. Because, Valentine’s is just not for the lovers, but it’s for those who you really love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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