Respiratory problems on rise, Precautions Advised by Doctors during Monsoon Season

DMC Hospital Ludhiana

Rains certainly bring cheers to us bringing down the temperatures which are invariably hot all through the year in this part of our country. But at the same time, rain also brings a lot of respiratory infection thus, disturbing our routine and keeping us busy by visiting doctors frequently to get this problem cured.

Dr UPS Sidhu (Professor & Head of Pulmonary Medicine) says, ‘Getting wet during rains triggers an allergy which leads to usual irritation and cold which when ignored can trickle down to the lungs to cause a cough and sputum. Bacterias and viruses thrive in such condition worsening the situation. Further chest colds can trigger a wheezing attack in susceptive individuals leading to asthma, said Dr Sidhu.

Dr Akashdeep Singh(Professor of Pulmonary Medicine) says Infection is one of the primary causes of asthma, particularly in children. Yellow coloured sputum is suggestive of severe infection and needs immediate attention, said Dr Akashdeep Singh.

Dr Anil Kashyap (Associate Professor ) advised that the people, especially children should try not to get wet in rains as far as possible particularly children. Treating the upper respiratory infection cold as early as possible to prevent the infection tracking down to the lung to cause pneumonia, said Dr Kashyap

Some suggested precautions-

  1. Drink plenty of fluids during this season.
  2. People with wheeze should use their inhalers properly and visit the doctor if there is no improvement in the symptoms.
  3. Beware of other infections during raining days like dengue Chicken gunya, malaria etc which are spread by mosquitoes.
  4. Avoid water collection around your house.
  5. Don’t get wet in rain as at times, it can be acidic.