Be a Responsible Citizen and Stop Traffic

heavy traffic jam now a daily problem at kesarganj mandi

heavy traffic jam now a daily problem at kesarganj mandi

Ludhiana- The Smart city badly suffers from traffic problems. Each and every resident of the city have their own vehicle. We use vehicles daily for going to colleges, offices, market and for other purposes. So, the city is flooded with vehicles and there is traffic everywhere. There is no relief to the commuters. Encroachments such as temporary structures, vegetable stalls, fruit markets, eateries, and other stalls by street vendors as well as hawkers can be seen on most of the busy roads and markets all over the city mainly on Sunday.

Even shopkeepers also display their items on the stalls outside their shops i.e for sale scheme, clearance of stock and for other purposes to seek the attention of customers. But these all things create inconvenience to all the commuters on Sunday. Due to all of this, people suffer a lot. They get stuck in traffic jams that last for over an hour.

Higher authorities should take steps to curb this problem. They should give warning notice and information to the people who are involved in these practices. A fixed time should be given to them after which they have to remove their stalls and the stalls should be avoided on Sundays. Moreover, the government can make a plan for people. The government can provide a particular place for such things where all these people can install their stalls. Due to traffic, people get late to work. Even ambulances get stuck in the traffic which makes the patient’s condition more critical and some even die. There is a need for traffic control.

There should be strict rules to control traffic. We all know that the traffic rules are not followed by people. To curb this problem, every major traffic area should be controlled by the traffic police. There must be strict rules & punishments for offenders. Being citizens, we should not break the traffic rules. People should follow each & every traffic rule positively. We should not use a big vehicle for only one person. If a single person has to go somewhere, then they should avoid the use of a car. Carpool should be done and fewer vehicles should be taken out on roads. Traffic police must be given proper training on road safety measures which they should impart to the public. Road safety seminars and workshops should be conducted. We should follow the traffic rules and motivate others to follow them.