Rural Museum of Punjab



This museum lies in the Premises of the Punjab Agricultural University. This Famous University was set up in the year 1962 and was made just Exactly like the Land Grant of America. This Rural Museum was Inaugurated at the hands of S Khushwant Singh in the year 1974 on 26th April. The Rural Life of the People is very well Displayed at this Museum and the Punjabi culture is very evident at its best. The area of the museum is 4000 sq and has a very beautiful facade. It catches the eye of man but yet it is very simply displayed. Water channels dot the entrance of the 100 yard long path that makes way to the beautifully carved doors of the huge museum. Most of the VIP’s, renowned personalities make sure to visit the Punjab Agricultural University making this museum an important attraction in Ludhiana City.

Art at the Museum

Various local arts, variety of ancient projects, crafts and other popular things can be seen at the Punjab Agricultural University Museum and is subjected as one of the educational sightseeing.