Say goodbye to cough and cold

As the weather is changing, a number of people are suffering from cold and cough. This is quite common in these days. You might be rushing to doctor for medicine but still, the cold and cough prevails. In that case, you should try the typical Dadi Maa ka Nuska that is home remedies. Given below are some of the effective home remedies which will actually provide you with a lot of relief.

Make Peppermint a  part of your routine

In case of a cough and cold, make peppermint a part of your routine. Peppermint leaves are quite common for the healing properties they offer. Menthol in peppermint soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, helping to break down mucus. You can take peppermint tea for the cough removal or you can opt for inhaling peppermint vapours from a steam bath. To make a steam bath, add 3 or 4 drops of peppermint oil for every 150 millilitres of hot water. Drape a towel over your head, and take deep breaths directly above the water. This act will provide you instant relief and after few days your cough will be totally over.

Get Thyme for clearing your throat

Thyme is another magical ingredient which is used for respiratory illnesses. Various studies suggest that the essence extracted from thyme leaves mixed with ivy can help reduce coughing as well as short-term bronchitis. The leaves consist of compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and lessen inflammation. For using thyme, you can make thyme tea at home using 2 teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves and 1 cup of boiling water. Cover the cup, steep for 10 minutes, and strain. After consuming for two to three times you will feel the difference.

Thus these two magical ingredients are present in almost every household. So make use of them and say Good Bye to a cough and cold.




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