A scary time ahead – Ludhianvis do not ignore road accidents and over speed


Forecasters have warned days of strong winds and heavy rain to continue for some time now. Ludhianvis may expect stormy conditions with heavy Hailstorms.

Since yesterday evening the rainy and wintry conditions are seen in the city making it troublesome for travelers as well as residents. Cloudy skies, Rainy showers, and increasing wintry cold conditions increase the traffic issues with the rush on roads, worse road conditions, however, make it more difficult to drive.

Make a wise decision – Safety is a choice you make

The rainy conditions even worsen the roads more. Roads get slippery due to the wet surface making it difficult to drive, rise in cracks and potholes on the roadways, low visibility while driving, No proper maintenance and because of use of old material, it is likely that the rain will enter the bad spots worsening the already worsen roads.

There are various places in the city where the roads are never improving. The condition of the roads is way beyond poor and government is not at all looking at all such places.

Moreover, Ludhiana areas get worse more when it rains not just increase for commuters but also for residents as there is no proper drainage system which leads to roads getting waterlogged that thereby even lead to the rise in diseases. Also, 14 deaths in 40 days due to Swine Flu in the city. What more can be said?

Government and top authorities must take actions on such issues quickly. With the rise in bad condition of roads, there are high chances of road accidents in the city. Therefore, it is a humble request to Ludhianvi citizens to not hush or over speed and get yourself into worse condition.

Slowing down is the only way to keep you and your vehicle safe.