Sidhu to help Gurjeet Singh Aujla for elections


Congress has decided Gurjeet Singh Aujla as the candidate from Amritsar for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Former MLA Navjot Kaur Sidhu has decided to campaign for Aujla after which she held an important meeting with constituency counsellor, sarpanch and senior Congress leaders.

In the meeting, Sidhu discussed the economic condition, constitutional organizational structure and false promises made by the Modi government. Apart from that, they also discussed the future agenda of their party if they win the seat saying that “we believe in working and our work speaks for itself.” Aujla also commented that he is extremely happy that Sidhu couple has taken an initiative to help him in the elections. Concluding his statement, he says “ I bow down in front of my Gurus and other lords to seek their blessings and promise to work for the welfare of Amritsar and my citizens.”