Spooky spirits take over INIFD Ludhiana

Ludhiana – Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), the premium design institute of Ludhiana, celebrated Halloween 2018 with an extravagant theme-based party at its campus lawns on Wednesday, October 31.

It is celebrated with much fanfare by the youth, wherein they dress up as ghosts, witches, spirits, pirates and other ghost-like characters. They also perform light tricks to create a spooky environment. INIFD Ludhiana is known for adapting such celebrations into its own campus to provide exposure of various festivities to the young students and also to create an environment of learning in a fun-oriented manner.

The evening began when a number of students dressed up in stark and bold silhouettes.The lawns were decorated with conventional pumpkin cut-outs and lanterns, creating a spooky and scary environment that the festival is associated with. A number of food stalls added flavour and enthusiasm to the venue, where one could hear groups of students talking about ghost events and other fictional stories, adding a little drama to the otherwise fun-filled evening. Students also danced to the tunes of various numbers associated with horror movies and other scary themes.

“Such events give us a chance to enjoy an international festival in our own city in a safe and controlled setting, while also giving us an opportunity to learn theme-based designing, for both the Fashion as well as Interior Design courses”, said Akashpreet – an excited student of the institute.

The evening ended with a prize distribution ceremony where the Best Dressed Class was awarded by the Additional Director Ms. Amardeep Lall, on the basis of the themes given to them before the event.