Sunny Deol accused of violation of Model Code of Conduct


Sunny Deol in Rally

Standing in elections from Gurdaspur, Sunny Deol has once again landed himself in trouble. As per the information, the returning officer has issued a notice against him for holding a rally after 6 pm on 17th May 2019. According to the rules set by EC, no party is allowed to campaign after 5 pm from 17th May onwards, but, Sunny Deol was found guilty of doing a meeting.

In his meeting, he met more than 200 people in between 6 pm and 9 pm which is recorded in a video as well. Raged by the violation, the returning officer has filed a complaint and has asked for an apology letter before 9 am the next morning. Failing so, Sunny Deol may fall into trouble or can even lose his ticket.