Sunny Deol in controversy after he appoints a representative for his constituency


Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol’s maiden run in the 2019 general elections proved victorious as he won from Gurdaspur constituency beating his counterparts. However, the actor has gained widespread criticism after he appointed a close aide to look after the matters of his constituency.

His official letterhead read, “I hereby appoint Gurpreet Singh Palheri.. as my representative to attend meetings and follow important matters pertaining to my parliamentary constituency, Gurdaspur (Punjab), with concerned authorities.”

Sunny Deol on Tuesday reacted on Twitter saying, “It is extremely unfortunate to see a controversy created out of nothing. I have appointed my PA to represent my office in Gurdaspur. The appointment has been made to ensure smooth flow of work whenever I am out of Gurdaspur in Parliament or travelling for work.”