Why take actions just months before Elections

Why take actions just months before Election

A continuing trend we each and every time envision is how the government take actions just before months of the election. From maintenance of the road, police and traffic officers on duty, prolonging of community parks or public places, preserving muddy places, building of highways, developing new schemes for betterment of society, bringing forward the big projects, big planning, and increasing performances by municipal corporation teams and the government, is what everyone is aware of. But Each and Every action is taken before a few months of the election. Why does all this happen?

If the authorities and officials have enough fund and resources to develop the areas and make a smart city then why just to grow 2 or 3 months before the election and not give active performance. Do all these things happen because of gathering of votes and winning the public? As it all looks. The world is getting digital and Businesses are developing at a high speed but the government is not developing their thinking rather they focus on votes?

Why for the vote and not the public is a big question. Will ever the coming generation witness a good note from the government? Or the entire trend of indirectly bribing the society will continue?