Taran Saini, the New Rising Star of Ludhiana.

Taran Saini the New Rising Star of Ludhiana

Taran saini latest songs “Bhulli mutiyar & Oh meri ae ” – has amassed a huge fan following on insta & fb. As a result, the 22-year-old “music director, singer and brilliant song writer from Ludhiana, has been promoted to coveted song playlists.

He began recording at the age of 18. His songs as a teenager got anonymous response on social media . After establishing a good amount of viewers, he decided to take forward his passion of music and left his studies and started focusing on music.

A lot of confusion and frustration are also part of his ongoing career, but excitement of his fans and zest for his new tracks kept him going. Rather than being totally focused on his work, he’s always ready to uplift newcomer. He, not only has a blessed voice but he also plays guitar and piano.

Taran Saini the New Rising Star of Ludhiana

He has a very small circle of friends and is least interest about what’s going on around him. He says “I don’t overthink while I’m doing creative stuff. I do what I feel like doing, which is, try and make something really good for the audience. Not really considering how other people perceive it because that messes up the final product. He also said “If someone wants to be a great songwriter that person should be able to communicate an emotional message to as many people as possible, so that people can connect easily. You could write something so avant-garde and it would go completely over people’s heads. And you may think you’re a genius but you are not.

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