The civilization in disarray


A while back,I got to watch the flick, “Tamasha”. Though not the latest one but it had a really deep impact on my mind. It reminded me of the Freud’s theory of mind constitutes different levels such as Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious.He believes, better personality is developed only with the gratification of all the three structures and man’s social personality is formed through the conflict among three of these.Imtiaz Ali has raised this thought provoking concept through his deft direction in “Tamasha”.

It is about how a social being carries two selves within himself. To be a social person, to play the stage required roles, while enacting husband-wife, son- daughter,mother-father how we forget ourselves what actually we are and what we wish to be. How we keep moving unhearing the call within us, “I don’t want to be here.”

The story deals with the man’s inner conflict. The conflict of expectations and acceptance. It shows how pretentious we have learnt to be. How imprisoned we are within us only and It seems as if Death is the only gateway to get rid of these masks. We all are living a life of mechanical robots who live set pattern of life forgetting we have heart too which has the sensibility to feel, we behave as we are monitored to.

What sort of civilisation we are living in? The civilisation which is not harming to each other but oneself only.

The title is aptly used here. We all are part of this Tamasha. It is ‘tamasha’ happening everywhere around. It exhibits how people are sinking under the pressure to behave as the society wants them to.

Deep down, unconsciously we all are like that kid who wants to escape to his dreamland.The world where perfection is not limited to achieve any societal status but one’s happiness.Everything might be imperfect there but one is happy. The happiness which fulfills us. As it is the ultimate goal of one’s life.

Is it really like that our bounded self doesn’t come under the norms of the society?

Or we actually fear to be what we want to be. Why this social being is so complex?

Or there is just need to hear our inner voice and see there is nothing like a boundary. As fear is just a part of mind so as the boundary.

And if our subconscious self is harmless enough, what’s the harm in giving him his place?

It’s high time to revise the ways of our society to prevent any further destruction. As here the loss is not only physical or financial but of the whole mankind.


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