Three Deaths within 24 hours, Reason – City Roads


Road Accident

In Ludhiana, there are hoardings hanging at multiple places where it is written “ Speeding Kills” but seems like there is no effect on the people. Within the past 24 hours, three persons lost their lives in the city due to accidents in Ludhiana.

As per the information, Harkishan Singh, a resident of Jagraon said he was travelling from his village to where a car rammed into their motorcycle near Sindhwan Bet. both the bikers got severely injured and were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. The Jagraon police have registered the case against the car driver.

In the second accident, a 67-year-old Vinay Kumar lost his life in an accident near Dugri. The incident happened when a speeding three-wheeler hit his scooter from behind while he was going to the nearby market for grocery shopping. Deceased’s son Nitin immediately took him to Deep Hospital where he was declared dead and the case was registered at the Dugri Police Station.

Yet another accident which happened near Ayali Chowk, an 80-year-old man lost his life while crossing the road. The reason behind his death was again a speeding vehicle coming from Mullanpur side ran over him. Shockingly, in another incident, a 39-year-old man was crushed on the GT Road on Saturday when a Bulldozer passed upon him by an unidentified driver. The police have filed a case and the body has been kept in the mortuary of Civil Hospital for identification. But, Is this justified?

There are many other cases which are happening on a daily basis. Due to the ill-fitted and pathetic situation of law and order in the city, people are getting injured and losing their lives. Is this how Ludhiana’s police ensure safety? Are traffic inspectors complying by their duties?