Tiny Tots Celebrated Baisakhi Festival at a School in Ludhiana

Baisakhi Festival Celebrated by Tiny Tots at school in Ludhiana

Ludhiana – The Kindergarten Wing of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, B.R.S Nagar, Ludhiana, reverberated with Baisakhi celebrations today. The colorful Punjabi attire of the tiny children enthralled everybody. The teaching faculty performed a short skit depicting the essence of the harvest season. They showcased the importance of food, the role of farmers in the society and the value of the lives of farmers to everyone.

Videos were shown in order to acquaint the children with the festival.The celebration attained its high spirit with a dance to the tunes of Bhangra. Rev. Father John, the Director and Rev. Sr. Silvi, the Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the teachers and students in celebrating this festival and making the K.G. campus reverberate with the joy of Baisakhi festival.