Today’s woman is a sanguine and an autonomous entity

Motherhood has always been fascinating for women. Being so unaware that how this journey is going to be so demanding.

Woman has by nature to put others first before herself. She becomes over-particular when it comes to her children, her family, her home and the food they have. She always cares about their needs, their passions and dreams but herself. Her life revolves around them only. In pursuit of this motherhood, she tends to ignore that how this transition is affecting her own personal growth and personal health. There is no place for ‘I’ in her life. She begins to lose her own identity in this vortex. The unending domestic, social and professional responsibilities start bogging her down. She becomes an imperfect body who is working 24*7 for everyone perfectly.

But our modern moms are the breath of fresh air. She acknowledges the fact that the perfect mother is not the one who loves her children only but who loves herself too. If you can cherish your presence, can make yourself happy; can make happy everyone around. Our new mom is smart and savvy. She is not out of shape anymore. She is fit. She is concerned about her bodily and mental health. Rather she is keeping on top of the fashion trends. She is not part of any showbiz where her looks is going to pay her. Rather choosing to be fit helps her to celebrate her womanhood. She has learnt to take care of her own happiness also. She socializes, makes friends, goes on adventure trips. she likes to see herself in the mirror now and pose. She takes out some ”she” moments. She has become generous towards herself too.


She has learnt that you can not give your whole to one relationship. You need to preserve something of you for yourself. The traditional mother was placid, contented, demure and a selfless devotee. Whereas our modern mommy is dynamic, effervescent,self sufficent, zestful and has all in her but she has learnt to spare a room for her own happiness too. As per the quote,” Making yourself a priority once in a while, it’s not selfish. It is necessary.”