Travel turning into trouble


With the arrival of summer vacations, plans for travel begins and Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie and Nainital become the most visited destinations. But, looking at the current scenario, every next person is visiting hill stations which is creating trouble for mankind. Excessive traffic jams, expensive hotel rooms, overcrowded restaurants are some things you will find in the hill stations nowadays.

As per the information, 3-9 hours of traffic jams are becoming normal in the hilly areas. People are finding difficulty in booking their stays and parking lots are overpacked. Many people are returning mid-way to avoid the hassles of over-crowding and over-expenditure. On the other hand, some people are going for a one day trip so as to relax their minds. So, if you are also planning for a trip to hilly areas, think again and plan your trip in the off season.