An upcoming short film titled as SINGH is set to release next month in US


Singh the film is based on a true incident of 2007 when Gurinder Singh Khalsa on the way to meet her mother in her last days was denied to board the flight even though he was clear in the security measures undertaken at the airport.

The incident was based in US where the security policy for Sikh Community termed as ‘headgear’ was to remove the turban first and then board the flight.

However others followed the policy but Guriner Singh Khalsa stood firm towards religious priority which thereby led Indianapolis-based Khalsa worked towards bringing the issue to the attention of the US Congress, which later resulted in headgear policies being changed in airports nationwide.

Watch the trailer of SINGH an Upcoming Short Film

Directed by an 18 Year old US citizen Jenna Ruiz who is a student and actor from Indiana started her career at the age of nine appeared in multiple films and commercials as well as has written, shot and produced several films and music videos.

“I plan to use this platform to educate people on who the Sikh people are and who they are not, while washing away stereotypes and negating the unnecessary fear that many people have regarding turbans and other articles of faith,” Ruiz said.

She added,

“I hope that the audience will leave this film with a newfound love and respect for not only the Sikh religion, but for people and beliefs that are different from their own.”

Gurinder Singh Khalsa believes “ ’people fear the unknown’ Our hope is that this film and my story will encourage people to gather information, ask questions, and speak openly and honestly about issues of faith and community. That’s how we, as Americans, will overcome racial bigotry and defeat religious persecution.”

“Whatever happens, happens for the greater good,”

Lastly, Khalsa said “Incidents like this one, where misunderstandings occur between people of different backgrounds and faith, strengthen our society. In my case, this situation helped me become stronger, made me more resilient, and provided guidance to me as I strive to best serve the Sikh people and everyone in our great country.”