”Veere di wedding”- Movie Review

Indian woman is always expected to be virtuous only. It is indigestible for the society to accept such bold aspect of her who talks about sex before marriage, lack of it post marriage, sex toys. In the society where men are free to talk about their sexuality, desires, their relationships before and post marriage. Why can not women ? Undoubtedly it is a brave attempt on the part of director and every actor in the flick who helped in projecting and delivering the message so right.

“Veere di wedding” is all about a woman who is outspoken, candid, free, and uninhibited, who makes her own choices of life, who denounces all the limitations preset for her by the society. She is not ready to succumb to social customs and give in to marrying and having babies. She will have it when she wants or never. Before being accountable to anyone else, she is responsible towards her own self. She is herself first before being a daughter,sister, wife and mother. She doesn’t want to lose herself in the whirlwind of these roles. She quits to be a selfless creature anymore.

Our society has always been very protective about its women. To prevent them from the malice of the world, we make a fairytale world for them. We try to hide harsh realities of life. But we need to acknowledge the fact that our girls are just like flowers who will learn to bloom on their own and have to wither away also by the time. So it is just OK if they make mistakes. It’s a part of life. Let them learn on their own from their failings. Let them just not grieve over so much and move on. Rather being protective for them, set them free. And let her live her life on her own terms.

In the end, the story is about modern Indian woman who is not defined by her roles but by her choices.