Video – In campaign for voter enrolment in Punjab, help from Pammi Aunty!

With only about four months to go for the Punjab assembly polls, authorities in Hoshiarpur want their voter-enrolment campaign to go viral on social media. And Pammi Aunty, an internet sensation created by comedian Ssumier Pasricha, is helping out!

Deputy commissioner (DC)-cum-district electoral officer Anindita Mitra has engaged Pasricha, who has made a one-minute video of a conversation with the fictional Sarla bhenji, with whom Pammi talks over the phone.

Even people who had no idea about this pink-goggled and hair-curler-wearing ‘woman’ are enamoured ever since she has become an ambassador of the Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign. The target is to get the youth get voter cards made before October 7, the last date for enrolment.

“When we approached him, he readily accepted the request and came out with this wonderful video within no time. It is interactive, engaging and capturing the attention of our target group,” said Mitra.

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