If you want congress CM to work then vote for AAP- says Bhagwant Mann

APP Leader Bhagwant Mann

Chandigarh: Lok Sabha Election’s countdown has already begun. Every political party is releasing their manifestos and promising the public for a better future. However, the chief ministers are enjoying on their seat and still not putting any effort towards the development of their states or for the welfare of their citizens.

Keeping the current scenario of Punjab in mind, AAP leader Bhagwant Mann alleged that Captain Amarinder Singh has not fulfilled any of his promises in his tenure. He said that the current CM only made false statements to attain the seat and has done nothing for the people of Punjab.

Bhagwant Mann said that when he was an artist he used to make millions from his shows but left everything just because he wanted to serve the people & make Punjab a developed state. He also revealed that on his mother’s advice he left alcohol as well so as to become an example in front of his citizens, but what is captain doing for his people? When asked about the solution, Bhagwant said: “Vote for AAP and make captain realize that he has to meet some promises in order to maintain his position.” In addition to this statement, Mann said that “Do not let Congress CM feel that you (people) have forgotten all the promises and are happy with the current condition. Give a chance to AAP so that captain starts working to safeguard his seat in the next elections.”