What’s the Significance of Good Friday?

Significace of Good Friday

Easter is one of the prominent festivals of Christians worldwide and is marked by week-long prayers to Jesus Christ. One of the most important days is Good Friday which is the sixth day of the festival. Have you ever wondered what is the significance behind Good friday?

The reason behind using the word ‘good’ could be that in medieval times, the word ‘good’ used to mean ‘holy’. According to history, it was on this day that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified (killing someone by nailing them to a cross). He was crucified because people considered him ‘King of Jews’ and in those times, calling yourself a king was taken as a direct rebellion against the emperor. It was a conspiracy by jewish religious leaders and romans who saw his as a threat.

It is said that Jesus suffered on the cross for 6 hours after which his spirit eventually gave up his body. In the books, there have been mentions of some extraordinary events during his time of crucifixion. A period of darkness for three hours from noon to 3 Pm was seen and the temple veil being torn in two pieces at the time of his death. Apart from this, there have also been mentions of an earthquake and resurrection of dead saints who were seen by many people in the city.

Christians believe that Jesus died to save mankind and for the sins of mankind. He died to restore people’s faith in god and to connect people with god once again.