Whatsapp Trap: A gang blackmail people for money sending inappropriate pictures


Whatsapp Gang

4 people including a head constable and a woman have been arrested by Noida police. As per the information, the gang was blackmailing influential people for money. The head constable gave the numbers of rich people to his lady partner who sent her inappropriate pictures on their Whatsapp. Afterwards, she would chat with those men and then would blackmail for money saying “Give me money or I will expose you.”

The gang was active for last 6 months, members identified as Seema Sirohi, Arun Kumar, Pushpinder and PAC Head Constable Vijay Singh Cheema. The entire group has been arrested by the special team of Dadri Police Station and investigation has been initiated. 8 lakh rupees is seized by the police after arresting the gang.