Will AAP Collaborate with Congress?

will Congress collabrate with App Against Modi

New Delhi: The rumours of AAP and Congress alliance for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are widespread in the capital. On one side, Sheila Dikshit, minister leader of Congress, immediately denied the rumours of any alliance, on the other side an audio clip of P.C Chacko,in-charge of Congressministry has gone viral.

In the viral audio, P.C Chacko is clearly saying that “I am P.C. Chacko speaking on behalf of the Delhi Congress, to win against BJP, should Congress choose AAP as their ally? If “yes” then press 1 and if “no” then press 2.”

Regarding alliance, Sheila says that she is not aware of any alliance with AAP and if it is happening then this is not right. There will be no alliance with AAP. Congress has already declared that all the 7 seats will be taken by Congress leaders while elections, no other candidate will stand from their side.