Will feminism ever reach its prime?

Up until now, woman has come a long way from being a silent bearer to become a vital social and national personality. But at the domestic front, her role is even now limited to child rearing and well being of the family. She is allowed to be educated and work. But taking important decisions for the family is still men’s territory.

She can enjoy the status to be a joint owner of the property from marital family (on papers only, might be for some astrological or legal reasons) but she cannot exercise her right.
As children, we are adapted to traditional gender roles but as married, the discrimination against her becomes so evident.
As cinema has been a reflection of society. It has always portrayed women’s struggle with its changing colours from time to time. Here I would like to allude to the film, ” Dil dhadkane do ” which has voiced the women’s oppression in high echelon of society.
It depicts how our Indian women hang on to their loveless and respect less marriages. To be in a role of Indian wife means to lose herself. How helpless shefali shaw has been shown in the role of Indian wife where she sustains her marriage knowing about her husband’s helms of affairs, secret business trips,flirtatious nature albeit no love left. Because she has nowhere to go. And divorced woman owe no respect in the society.
Priyanka Chopra, another Indian wife, she keeps up her marriage for her parents and society. No one can even imagine that how a self made, successful, financially independent, high profiled woman has to go through such sort of societal pressure. It is so evident that whatever the class women come from, howbeit mentality for them is same.
Rahul Bose in the role of ordinary Indian husband has clearly manifested that how men still like to have their say while taking decisions for their wives.
Why the women in our society are left with only three ways to live their life? To live quietly, to live secretly or to live leaving everything.
Down the ages, man in the name of culture and religion has been repressing woman to reduce her in every possible way. He has done everything to cut her wings. Though by the time woman has proved her potential. She has made commendable contributions in each strata of life. Nevertheless, she is denied to be treated equally.
Until now, piles of articles have been jotted down, umpteen stories have been portrayed on the big screen to relate with the pain she has been bearing since ages. She is still exploited psychologically.
In the words of Swami Vivekananda, “No bird can fly only on one wing.” No nation and civilization can bring to harmony unless its women are liberated. It is high time, our mothers should change their ways of educating and upbringing their boys. The movement of liberation of women was waged in 17th century all over the world and hélas yet it will take another two generations to become a reality.