Women Empowerment- need of the hour.

Women Empowerment- need of the hour

Women empowerment has been a voluble topic all around the world for past several years. Women, in our society have persistently proven their worth yet denied the position they deserve as opposed to men in this cultural man made set up.

Women Empowerment, in simpler terms means women being able to reclaim their position by voicing their needs and concerns and claiming their right to enjoy equal status as men in the society. Crushed by the evil force for years called patriarchy that took away their significant voice, they eventually stood up against it. What needs to be understood is that it is a process and not a revolution which cannot happen overnight. The empowerment will come when the men in the society succeed to understand the magnitude of the problem that exists, as a consequence of their previous actions and the change will only occur with a transformation in their thought process.

First and the foremost step which will take this process to it’s culmination is education. For decades, girls of our society were and still are denied the most basic right of education. They were considered as objects of gratification for men and were married when they hit puberty because they were never perceived as someone who could go out and work. But, gradually, not just in the urban but rural areas the awareness is perpetuating in the minds of orthodox people and their grip over the long existed taboos are getting loose. Next, rendering equal opportunities and further, equal resources to the women as opposed to men for jobs and setting up their own businesses. The most important step in this process is equal salary for both men and women. This disparity has been in the system for the longest time and women are still fighting for the change. By gaining financial independence and striking a balance between professional and domestic work they have changed the outlook and perception for people who were anti to the thought of them working. This has worked as an impetus for them to be recognized and heard. The indispensable part of this process is the metamorphosis of the perception of women as objects of gratification to an equal force to be reckoned with. Abuse against women still prevails be it physical, mental or emotional. Annually, UN Women lay out lists of the violence inflicted on women worldwide and the statistics are horrifying. Various organizations in and around the world have come together and are countering it. Again, awareness regarding the gravity of their actions and it’s consequence should be made understood to the men.

Being oppressed for the longest time and have finally found the means to retaliate, their rage is on the surface and women are still fighting to carve a niche for themselves by being recognized. This process will reach it’s culmination only when women will be treated with dignity, fair treatment in office as well as home and giving them equal say in marriage, social issues and education.