Women’s Hygiene Awareness Drive held at Girl’s Government School at Haibowal Khurd in Ludhiana

Ludhiana – India being a developing Country is still backward on awareness about menstrual hygiene and creating Facilities for the woman during her Hard Days. Ms. Sanya Malhi a student from new jersey USA is Associated with NGO’s like AAGAZ Foundation & Jeet Foundation Since 2015. these NGO’s are Actively working on uplifting rural women.

She regularly visits rural area in punjab along with the other members of the NGO’s to educate about the Biological Changes that occur in the Female Body and the Hygiene Associated with menstruation. she also Distributes Educational material about the same.She’s Actively working Towards breaking the orthodox stigmas attached with menstruation that are deep rooted in indian society like

  •  Don’t enter the Temple
  • Don’t enter the Kitchen
  • Don’t touch Pickel’s Etc.

Ms. Malhi while giving knowledge to the young girls, not only about using sanitary napkins, but also the medical issues related to not changing the sanitary napkin in regular intervals. she also educates the young girls on how to properly dispose of the used napkins to save the environment.In Continuing her effort in this direction an event is organised by AAGAZ Foundation at Government Senior Secondary School, Haibowal Khurd in Ludhiana.