Workshop on Bhangra and Folk dance organised in Ludhiana

Ludhiana – Ecstasy the dance studio organised a Bhangra workshop with you tube sensation Christine from Denmark. Bhangra the vibrant folk dance of Punjab has taken the charge all over the globe and Ludhiana witnessed its live example on 22nd July at ecstasy the dance studio. While Having word with Christine she told that she is dancing since childhood but in 2013 she fell in love with Bhangra and came to India to explore it further and in 2016 she started her own company Bhangra by Christine.

Since then there is no looking back her videos started getting viral on you tube and she has been teaching and performing all over abroad like Dubai , Hong Kong, London. She asserted that while teaching Bhangra she doesn’t only inspire people to dance, workout but also to feel true happiness. Gautam sharma told that the purpose of organising this workshop was to motivate people that how our culture is being followed by people all over the world it’s high time we recognise our worth. The. workshop was divided into morning and evening two slots and around 60 people participated and each n everyone was enthralled by her energy and skills.