Workshop on Freedom From Stress held at School in Ludhiana

To discover a new mind that is spontaneously responsive, naturally creative, inherently sensitive, perfectly efficient and effortlessly patient, a highly motivational workshop on ‘Freedom from Stress’ was organized at BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec. School, Shastri Nagar Ludhiana for teachers by Mr. Dinesh K. Sindwani, Director Corporate Services with Vardhman Group. The session involved interactive, moderated discussions on inspiring, empowering, powerful and life-changing solutions to eliminate stress permanently from life. It offered immediate answers to reduce stress and choose one’s own reactions by controlling life to bring joy and happiness. It provided easy-to-learn exercises to know the “why” of stress and the “how” of ending it and explored the secret to taking command of your life.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Paramjit Kaur, School Principal exhorted that the stress in our day-to-day lives seems anything but constructive. This unnatural stress stifles the spirit and tires the mind. It is the root of rushing, anxiety, fear, and broken relationships. This workshop will be a step-by-step guide to find out how to banish harmful stress from life forever and amplify the still, small voice within each of us.

On the whole this workshop helped the participants to identify the causes of their stress and provide them with practical, effective tools to avoid, reduce and manage stress – both on and off the job. It gave them individual strategies and techniques for coping with the various levels of stress resulting from professional and personal responsibilities.The seminar included written individual and group exercises, group discussions, group activities and business simulations designed to create a highly-effective learning experience.