You’re eating one credit card equivalent plastic per week


It’s not just air pollution, plastic pollution is also a major worry. As per a report from Central Pollution Control Board, India accounts for 60% of the plastic dumped in oceans every year. There have been many studies on the human consumption of plastic and here are the top findings:

● Humans eat about 5 grams of plastic every week in the form of 2000 tiny plastic particles.
● These particles are found in water, beer, salt and shellfish.
● Both tap and bottled water contain on an average 1769 microplastic particles which are consumed by an average person per week.
● In addition to this, India’s tap water samples showed that 82.4 percent of the samples contain plastic fibers. It means an average of 8 plastic fibers per litre.
● Indoor air has more plastic pollution than outdoor air. This is due to synthetic fiber and household dust which are the causes of airborne microplastics.